About Us


Solobeat International is the company that produced and distributed musical instruments located at Karangkajen MG VII 293 Brontokusuman Mergangsan Yogyakarta Indonesia. Our office and factory are at one roof, so we can serve many mucissions to improve their order directly.  At the moment we are producing drumsticks, cajon, and guitar straps. We have distributed our product in local market and international market. many musicions in USA and europe have been satisfied with our brand SOLOBEAT

We have endorsed the most popular drummers artist namelly Aksan Sjusman – Wong Aksan ( ex drummer DEWA 19) and Roy Agus from Death Vomith band drummer, Jonathan Haessler from France, Yannick from france, Scott Baugn USA, MJ Morris USA.

– Iwa “Solobeat”

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