danielle wansley

Danielle “Drummagurl” Wansley is a multi-faceted drummer fluent in all music genres from gospel to rock-n-roll. Danielle realized at the young age of 9, that music was what she wanted 2 do with her life, especially coming from a musical family. From then on she started playing for the childrenS choir at her church and the rest is history. Over the years she was known as “The Little Drummagurl with Pocket”.

She has been blessed enough to play for quite a few musical giants in different genres such as Helen Stephens (Gospel), Filmore Slim (Blues), Lenny Williams (Pop/R&B) and Tom Browne (Jazz/R&B) just to name a few, plus playing for numerous bands and musical organizations, choirs and having 2 bands of her own, “Lockd Tight”(All Girls Band) and “A Different World”.

Danielle, being born and raised in North Vallejo is a talented female drummer looking to expand her horizons as a touring drummer and multi-instrumentalist by continuing to perfect her craft. In high demand by many, Danielle is known for her musical knowledge, humble  spirit and always willing to teach and learn.


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