Eddie heyward

In 1993, Eddie, 12 years old, played on his first live recording. The album was “God is in Control” by James Hall Worship & Praise (WAP). Eddie is known for his drum solo on the title cut, “GOD IS IN CONTROL,” where the audience was amazed and could not stay in their seats. In frenzy, the audience shouted, “GO EDDIE, GO EDDIE,” and that he did. He played like no other drummer; he had finally found his own style and own way.

Eddie Heyward Recordings:

James Hall:
God Is In Control-1993
According To James Hall-1997
Live From Lincoln Center-1998
We Celebrate Christmas-1999
We At War-2001
Live From Foxwoods -2007
Trip Down Memory Lane-2012
WAP New Era- 2015

Rev. Timothy Wright
I Hear Music-2002
Live From NewYork-2003
NewYork Fellowship live -2005
Jesus,Jesus,Jesus -2007

Voices Of Citadel
No Joy No Strength-2006
Won’t it Be Wonderful-2009

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