thom edwards

Thom grew up being a drummer following in his father’s footsteps in the small town of Mattawa On, Canada. He moved to London, On. Canada in the summer of 2001 with a drum kit and has since played/toured/recorded with several bands over the years, such as.  Creative Instinct 2002  The Bumps. 2004-2006 recording in 2005  Insanity’s Horse 2005  Violet Fuse,2007-2012 recording in 2010 and 2012  Live/Touring drummer for  Redinger 2008-2009  Http://  Live/Touring Drummer Abandoned Souls  2009-2010  Drop Pockets from 2010 to present recording in 2012  Gypsy Ghosts, From 2013 to 2019  Tell it to Sweeney Jan 2019 to present   Also many fill in gigs and the “Busking turned Street Parties” Downtown London!  Thom plays Pearl Master Custom Drums,  uses Attack Drunhesds and is endorsed by Solobeat Drumsticks and Sweet Spot Drum Dampeners

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