yannick sastre

Yannick Sastre began playing drums rather late, at around 17, with his first ever Maxwin drumkit. He played by himself for about 1year. Then, in 1981, he entered his first drum school ruled by Maurice Fari and Philippe Valentine two fantastic drummers wery well known in Bordeaux, France :
-Maurice Fari by all his recordings, teaching and concerts
-Philippe Valentine as being the main educator at the Bordeaux Conservatory of Music.
By 1982, Yannick entered the Superior French Agostini Drum School ruled by Dominique Marseille. He graduated and studied there with him from 1982 to 1988. He was awarded second mention in 1987.
Yannick studied by himself after these 6 learning years by playing, recording and touring live with the following bands :
– Barry Lyndon : 4pieces New Wave band with synth from 1982 to 1987
– Carmen Joy : a 4pieces Rock band from 1988 to 1989
– Y.EL.L (Yannick Eric Ludo Lionel) : a 4 pieces Hard Rock/Progressive band with piano/synth/organ. We had a recording studio and used that Akai 12tracks/Mitec board a lot.(I have good sounding demos) : 1989-1992
– Bad to the Bone : a Us hard rock inspired four pieces band in the same recording studio with a different singer : 1992-1995
In 1992 Yannick entered an important job at Inforythmie Drum Shop as Drums Dept Manager for about 10years. It was the biggest drum shop in France with the whole upstairs floor filled with drums, percussion, cymbals and hardware. He began distributing Dw pedals, Pork Pie, Moongel, Axis and lots of Vintage Drums from Usa thru this drumshop.
In the meantime, Yannick was recruited by the impressive Opera Rock Show Orlando Furioso in about 1995. That one was really important and it went for about 10years from 1995 to 2005. The concept was that each show was unique and played only one time.
Based on a 10, 12 or even 16 drummers core, this one was a blast.
Performances at The Nautilus Bordeaux (filmed by Arte TV), The Medoquine Venue, Le Forum des Arts and La Couronne at Angoulême were really electrifying..
Around 2002, Yannick began another band (in the meantime as Orlando Furioso) :
– Sonic Temple : a four pieces Power Rock band with two guitars. They toured good also with their own big P.A as the bass player was running this audio backline business.
In 2002 too, Yannick took his Main Drum Educator job at the Biscarosse Drum School and still teach there with lots of students ranging from 7 to 66years old. He has also a lot of students in his drum room at home, the YS Drum Room where the snare drum wall is. Yannick was also the main drum teacher at Couleur Musique for 4 years (2002-2006).
He also distributed Ludwig Drums for France between 2001 and 2003 to help Ludwig not disappear from France.
Currently : still teaching at two drumschool + at home in the YS Drum Room where his Snare Wall is built.
Yannick is now working as Artist Relations for Soultone Europe, Soultone USA and Solobeat Drumsticks (Indonesia). He’s also a Ludwig Drums specialist, collector, customizer and Drum Tech in recording studios.
Yannick now just revived Orlando Furioso with musical director Roland Bourbon and Drummer Frankie Scannapieco. Rehearsals for the 8 drummers and the 12 pieces band will begin December 2022.
His other actual project is Vian with Philippe Vian since August 2019 (Vian is Recording Studio owner and composer/keyboards player at Studio de Chagneau). To this day 6 tracks are completed : ‘Ténèbres’ ‘Feletunken’, ‘ABCédaire, ‘Incuries’ ‘Débranchez le soleil’ and ‘Incantations’..
All Solobeat Drumsticks were used for these recordings. Philippe Vian, also a drummer, has his own Solobeat Signatures too.
Yannick Sastre is equally well known, worldwide, because of his extensive Ludwig/Pork Pie/Oriollo snares collection. This one is built as a snare wall his YS Drum Studio in Bordeaux, France.
Yannick is also a Soultone Cymbals Endorser since 2016. And a Groove Juice Endorser (Cymbal Cleaner and Shell Shine)

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